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Cyber Audit Team

SAE-A is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards the company.



Cyber Audit Team

How To Use and Protection of Informants

In order to encourage adherence to our Ethical Management codes and regulations, SAE-A Trading Co., Ltd. operates a Cyber Audit Team that is charged with investigating allegations of ethical misconduct.

Guide to use Cyber Audit Team

If you witness unfair or fraudulent workplace behavior, you may consult or give information to CAT.
CAT prefers it if you use your real name when reporting, but you are allowed to provide information anonymously.
In either case, the personal information of the informant shall be protected.

  • Types of
    information to report
    • Unfair/wrongful practices and misuse of authority
    • Embezzlement or bribery
    • Demand for a gift of money
    • Demand or supply of entertainment
    • Unfair trade derived from school or regional ties
    • Other violations against the Company’s Ethical Code
  • How to report
    • Through the SAE-A website
    • Via E-mail: Hotline@SAE-A.com
    • Via conventional mail: SAE-A Bldg., 429. Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea.

    Reporting by internet Reporting by E-mail

  • Processing the report
    • Before the Cyber Audit Team responds, your report will go through a standard authentication process that usually takes 7-10 business days.
    • To see the result of your report, you will be asked to provide the certification number that was displayed on the screen after you completed filling out the report.
  • Protection of the informant
    • Confidentiality It is strictly prohibited from disclosing or revealing the informant’s personal information without previous consent.
    • Protection for informant The informant shall be protected and not be discriminated against by the company due to the information reported to CAT.
    • Reduction of responsibility The liabilities of the informant for those reported misbehaviors may be waived or reduced.