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About SAE-A

A World of Hope with Every Stitch



Mission Statement

Since its founding in 1986, SAE-A has built a global of community of employees and clients. From factory workers to engineers, from textile designers to project managers, our skilled and dedicated workforce is the reason for our success and what makes SAE-A stand apart from the competition.

Operating on a global scale, SAE-A has worked hard to adjust to an evolving marketplace. This means embracing new technology and innovations that couple safer, more efficient manufacturing processes with the highest quality products. While we have grown from a local company thirty years ago to one with worldwide operations today, our business philosophy remains rooted the three core principles:

  • Strive for excellence by embracing technology
  • Be active members of the communities in which we work
  • Foster safe, open and supportive working environments

With more than 60,000 team members working in 10 countries, upholding these principles requires unwavering commitment to good business practices and respects the complexities of global trade. In producing the best quality products under the best working conditions, we abide by local, national and international regulations. At SAE-A, we go one step farther by having our own strict corporate safety and compliance requirements, which includes regular site visits from oversight teams. In addition to providing a safe working environment, we also invest heavily in our employees by providing training programs and opportunities for advancement within the company. We have a diverse array of community programs specifically designed to empower young people and promote sustainable economic growth.

Recognizing the importance of being a good citizen in the community, SAE-A’s commitment extends beyond our facilities and the work-day. We believe that international trade opens doors for communities, and benefits our global economy. Understanding the dangers of climate change, we are committed to do what we can to reduce its impact. We fully cooperate with environmental oversight organizations at each of our facilities and actively investing in new green technologies.

We are proud that our operations and operating philosophy today remains true to our roots as a family-run, locally minded company. We look forward to strengthening our relationships, forging new ones, and maintaining our high standards in the years to come.

Chairman's Message

Welcome to SAE-A

Chairman Woong-ki Kim

When SAE-A began in 1986, we were a local, family owned and operated company in Korea. Our goal was to manufacture quality apparel in a safe working environment. Over the past thirty years our goal has not changed, but our business has grown from a domestic one to a one that is global in scope. Central to our global operations is our desire to help spur economic growth by creating jobs and investing in the community. Today SAE-A’s business operations extend around the world with manufacturing facilities from Vietnam to Guatemala, and offices from Korea to the United States. We strive to run our businesses in an environmentally sustainable way by minimizing and offsetting environmental impact, and work to invest in a wide range of corporate social responsibility programs specific to the needs of the community.

Over the years, as I have traveled to our facilities, I have seen our investments help the local economies grow. From new markets to transportation systems, we have seen communities make great progress, and are honored to be a part of them.

But economic investment is just one part of our efforts. We make protecting and promoting workers rights and well-being our mission. It is something of great personal importance to me and I have ensured that our commitment extends into every facet of our operations. We establish exemplary labor-management relations based on mutual trust with our associates.

I want to highlight one of our investments that I am most proud of -SAE-A’s investment in Haiti. I remember when Korea faced hard times and the international community supported its economic growth and dream of a prosperous future. To me, if investing in Haiti was economically viable, it was important to me to do so. At the time, we were already looking to expand. Investing in Haiti would be both an investment in country's future and a sign of our faith in the Haitian people, just as others had faith in the Korean people. In 2011, we signed an agreement with the Government of Haiti, the Inter-American Development Bank and the US government to build an industrial park in Northern Haiti. It officially opened its production facilities in October 2012.

In addition to our manufacturing investment, S&H Foundation, the philanthropic arm of SAE-A, is focused on its efforts to support education and healthcare in the region. S&H Foundation established its new S&H School in Haiti to provide local children, many of with parents who work for SAE-A, with opportunities to receive free education of the highest quality. We also sponsor a team of doctors and medical professionals to provide treatment for our neighbors.

SAE-A values being a trusted partner and exemplary corporate citizen in every country where we operate.

Thank you.

Chairman Woong-ki Kim


In less than 30 years, SAE-A grew from a small regional garment manufacturing company to a major player in the international garment industry. In our first nine years of business, we grew from US$7 million to US$21 million. SAE-A was ready to expand internationally. From 1995-1999 we owned and operated 6 manufacturing facilities focusing on the manufacturing segment of the supply chain.

In 1999, with more than $70 million in exports, SAE-A made its first investments outside of Asia. We began manufacturing operations in Guatemala and established a corporate presence in New York City to ensure proximity to clients, while providing the same level of managerial engagement that led to our early success in Asia. Our expansion in the Americas continued as we inaugurated an industrial complex in Nicaragua and a second factory in Guatemala. In 2012, we commenced operations in Northern Haiti.

While expanding in the Americas, we also grew our business in Asia growing operations in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Most recently, to increase woven business opportunities and work towards complete vertical integration, we introduced a new state-of-the-art woven garment manufacturing facility  focusing on efficiency and environmental sustainability.

SAE-A looks forward to continued growth.

  • 2017SAE-A Foundation opens S&H Secondary School in Haiti
  • 2016SAE-A Vietnam receives 'The CSR Award'
  • 2015Start of operation of SAE-A Spinning Mill in Costa Rica
  • 2014SAE-A established S&H Vina in Vietnam
  • 2012Start of operation of PT. Win Textile in Indonesia
  • 2011Receiving $1 billion Export Tower Award on the Day of Trade

Who we are

SAE-A at a glance

SAE-A is one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world; it operates 41 production facilities in 10 countries and maintains 25 offices, including its headquarters in Seoul. Since its founding in 1986, SAE-A’s first-in-class workforce and high standards of quality, have made the company a leading supplier for some of the world’s biggest retailers and brands. Each year SAE-A strives to expand its business without forsaking the quality clients rely on it for.
2016 was SAE-A’s biggest year to date, as we reached a total of $1.8 billion in annual exports- the most of any Korean apparel company. From yarn-production through its fabric mills that draw on in new innovation and technology, to retail operations in Korea, SAE-A has become one of the few apparel manufacturers capable of achieving complete vertical-integration of its supply chain. For SAE-A, business means being a member of the community. The company engages in community activities and corporate social responsibility both locally and across all of its operations. It provides personal advancement and career growth opportunities for associates, holds itself to stringent environmental standards, and supports local medical and educational programs. Being a model corporate citizen is of the utmost importance to SAE-A.

SAE-A at a glance

SAE-A Group

SAE-Group SAE-A EINS(Apparel Manufacture) Learn more WINTEX ( Fabric Mill ) Learn more IN THE F(Retail) Learn more

Global Operations

  • Korea
    KOREA, Headquarters(Office)
    Global SAE-A / SAE-A Trading / SAE-A Eins
    • Address: SAE-A Bldg.,429, Yeongdong-Daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, KOREA
    • Tel: 82-2-6252-7000
  • New York, USA
    New York, USA
    New York, USA (SAE-A Trading America Corporation/Office)
    SAE-A New York Office
    • Address: 1407 Broadway #3507 New York, NY 10018 USA
    • Tel: 212-868-2234
  • Los Angeles, USA
    Los Angeles, USA
    Los Angeles, USA (Office)
    SAE-A Los Angeles Office
    • Address: 3435 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #1510 Los Angeles, CA 90010
    • Tel: 424-233-1930
  • Bentonville, USA
    Bentonville, USA
    Bentonville, USA (Office)
    SAE-A Bentonville Office
    • Address: 1000 Mc Clain Road, Bentonville, AR 72712
    • Tel: 479-903-6560
    HAITI (Factory)
    S&H Global S.A. (6 Sewing, 2 Washing)
    • Location: Caracol (Northern Haiti)
    • Total of Employees: 8,608
    • Established in: 2012
    • All building Space: 111,199㎡
    GUATEMALA (Factory)
    SAE-A has 7 factories in Guatemala (5 Sewing, 1 Embroidery / Printing)
    • Location: Zona 7. Mixco, Colonia San Ignacio
    • Total of Employees: 5,235
    • Established in: 1998
    • Main items: Crews, Polos, Pants, Graphic tees
    NICARAGUA (Factory)
    NICARAGUA (Factory)
    SAE-A has 5 factories in Nicaragua (4 Sewing, 1 Washing)
    • Location: Zona Franca Senika, Tipitapa, Managua
    • Total of Employees: 4,822
    • Established in: 2000
    • Main items: Basic crews, Pants
    INDONESIA  (Factory)
    SAE-A has 7 factories in Indonesia (6 Sewing, 1 Washing) PT. Eins
    • Location: Purwakarta
    • Total of Employees: 9,686
    • 80 Kint Lines / 16 Woven Lines
    PT. Starpia l, ll
    • Location: Purwakarta
    • 18 Knit Lines
    PT. Win Textile (Fabric Mill)
    • Location: Purwakarta
    VIETNAM (Factory and Regional Office)
    VIETNAM (Factory and Regional Office)
    SAE-A has 13 factories and 2 office in Vietnam (10 Sewing, 3 Washing) Eins Vina I,II,III
    • Location: Ho Chi Minh
    • 80 Knit Lines / Washing Factory
    Winners Vina I,II
    • Location: Hanoi
    • 48 Woven Lines
    KJ Vina l, ll
    • Location: Ho Chi Minh
    • 24 Knit Lines / 11 Woven Lines
    SAE-A Vina l, ll
    • Location: Hanoi
    • 60 Knit Lines
    SAE-A Vina Office
    • Location: Hanoi
    • Woven/Knit Outsourcing Plant Management
    SAE-A Vietnam Office
    • Location: Ho Chi Minh
    • Woven/Knit Outsourcing Plant Management
    COSTA RICA (Factory)
    COSTA RICA (Factory)
    SAE-A Spinning, S.R.L.
    • Location: Zona Industrial, Cartago, Costa Rica
    • Tel: (506)4033-2640
    • Pilot Production to begin early 2015
    • 1st Phase Production from Jan-Mar, 2015 with capacity of 34,272 spindles
    • Capable of producing from 20’s/1 to 60’s/1
    • Initial production: Focusing on 24’s/1, 26’s/1, 30’s/1
    MYANMAR (Office)
    MYANMAR (Office)
    S&S Project Management Co.,Ltd.
    • Address: Suite 405/406, Block C, Pearl Condos, Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar
    • Tel: (951)559-437
    • Website: www.snsprojects.com
Office Factory

Our Code of Ethics


  • Put employees first but cultivating a positive work environment and encourage collaboration.
  • Enforce a zero tolerance policy prohibiting discrimination.
  • Promote associate's career advancement to increase responsibility and pursue management positions.
  • Uphold and respect laws of the place of employment.

Company Leadership

  • Prioritize transparency in business operations.
  • Unlock innovative methods and technology to create the safest workplace while increasing productivity.
  • Enforce the company’s code of conduct encompassing ethical practices.
  • Adjust, as necessary, policies to prevent any form of discrimination or unjust treatment of any SAE-A employee at any level of the company.
  • Uphold highest level of business ethics including adhering to all pertinent government and multilateral requirements including securities law.

Principles Regarding Suppliers

  • Provide suppliers shall be provided with fair and reasonable opportunities.
  • Adhere to the highest standards of good faith competition.

Principles Regarding Customers

  • Strive to provide customers with the best possible safety and reliability.
  • Conduct fair and legal transactions with customers.

Principles Regarding Government and Society

  • Fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by adhering to transparent accounting practices and government policies.
  • Respect human rights and environmental and ethical values.
  • Contribute to national and social advancement through giving and sharing.