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No Gifts Campaign

SAE-A offers multiple programs to encourage transparent corporate culture.




No Gifts Campaign

SAE-A’s “No Gifts Campaign” is working
to encourage ethical management at SAE-A

Sae-A is committed to spreading a corporate culture of clean and ethical behavior that we all adhere to. Our goal is to ensure that we are a company that is transparently run and trustworthy. As part of this effort, starting in 2012, we are implementing the “No Gifts Campaign” in order to eradicate the practice of accepting gifts from any of interested party (stakeholder).

“No Gifts” Campaign Enforcement

  • In principle, all employees are to refuse gifts, money, goods or special advantages from business partners and other major parties with an interest in us.
  • Any gifts that are received are to be returned at once. (The company will pay the delivery charge.)
  • In the event that such gifts cannot be returned, employees are to submit them to the “Gift Return Center” run by the Sae-A Internal Audit Team.

Gift Return Center (GRC) run
by the Internal Audit Team

  • Employees who promptly return received gifts or deliver received gifts to the Gift Return Center are to report their action via the Sae-A ethics homepage.
  • When gifts submitted to the GRC are unclear as to their origin or are perishable (such as food), they are handed over to the CSR department.
  • Our CSR department will donate the gifts to a worthy cause or auction them off online, with all the proceeds being donated to charity, senior citizens’ associations, teenagers who are household heads or some other social contribution.